You Can Now Play “GTA V” In Full Virtual Reality. This Takes FPS To A Whole New Amazing Level.

The amount of awesomeness that is contained in this style of play is too much to handle. First off GTA V in virtual reality allows you to play the game in the way that you always dreamed about. To be able to fire a weapon instead of a controller will allow a GTA player to rage out in ways they never thought possible.
The other main benefit of this is it could actually be a fun workout. You know working out is a lot more fun when you can throw molotov cocktails at people and rob connivence stores.
Oh and for you pervs out there you could always visit the strip club.
The company Virtuix is taking pre-orders now and the machine allowing for the virtual reality in other games too. The most impressive part is that it only costs $699.00 and will ship in August 2015.

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