Wife Catches Twin Sister Cheating With Her Husband And Gets A Cruel Revenge

Ting Su had a feeling something was going on between her twin sister and her husband Cheng. She used a tracking device on one of thier mobile phones, which led her to a local shopping center where they were busted.
It could have just been a normal cheating situation, but Ting Su was going to make this her ultimate revenge.
Upon being busted the two cheaters jumped out of the car totally naked. But Ting saw an opportunity and drove off, leaving the two cheaters standing there, totally naked.

The wife locked her husband out and sped off. Leaving her husband and twin sister stranded and naked. ‘It was so funny. Loads of people were grabbing their phones and I did as well,” a 33-year-old witness named You Meng remarked. Her husband banged on the car trying to get in but Ting just drove off.

The Metro reports that “Ting has filed for divorce and revealed that Cheng and her sister had been having an affair since she gave birth to twins of her own.” I guess these two got what they deserved.

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