Which Item Are You Going To Order First Off The McDonald’s Secret Menu?

That’s right, it has been confirmed, McDonald’s has a secret menu, and it’s delicious!
Land Sea and Air Burger

This burger is made up of beef, chicken and fish!

Mc10:35 Brunch Sandwich


This burger combines a patty, egg and ham! The ultimate brunch sandwich!

The McCrepe


This is only available during breakfast hours. It consists of hotcakes and a yogurt parfait.

The Big McChicken


This crazy option is made up of a Big Mac with chicken patties in place of buns.

McBiscuits and Gravy


You can’t find this at just any McDonald’s, but if you’re in the South, definitely try it out!

Big Mac Sauce Fries

Just ask for the Big Mac sauce on the side! No extra charge!

The McGangBang


If they aren’t willing to make it for you in the restaurant, just order a McDouble and a McChicken, and place the McChicken between the beef patties yourself.

The McKinley Mac


The McKinley Mac is a Big Mac and more! Instead of getting 1.6 oz patties, it has two quarter-pound patties. If they don’t know it by name just as for a Big Mac with quarter-pound patties.

The Monster Mac


This burger is made up of EIGHT beef patties. Yes EIGHT!! All you have to do is order a Monster Mac, and if they don’t know what that is, simply ask for a Big Mac with EIGHT patties.
The McLeprechaun Shake

This one is only available once a year in March. Don’t miss your chance! They mix chocolate into the shamrock shake to make a chocolate mint shake!

Neapolitan Shake


This is pretty popular, but if they don’t understand just ask for a milkshake blended with strawberry, vanilla and chocolate!

The Pie McFlurry


A slice of sweet warm pie is blended into the McFlurry ice cream giving you the ultimate hot-cold combination! Give it a try!

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