Twin Lifting Machinery For Two 40-Foot Container Shore Cranes

You will need twin lifting machinery for two 40-foot container shore cranes. These cranes have double lift-up mechanisms, a double reel brake (41) on the sea side and a motor 10 on the land side. The Twin lifting machinery for a container shore crane consists of the following:

Twin lifting machinery for two 40 feet container shore crane

A twin crane is an interconnected pair of cranes.

They work together on the same platform and can be powered by either diesel engine driven generators mounted on top of the crane or dockside electric power.

The voltage needed to operate these cranes varies from 4,000 to 13,200 volts.

These cranes can be fitted with telescopic spreaders or twin lifting mechanisms. They can lift containers up to forty feet in height.

The spreaders have twist locks that engage when the spreader is turned 90 degrees. The spreader is a vital piece of equipment when a container is being handled.

Shipping containers are being repurposed as building materials. Because these containers are so heavy, forklifts may not work well. A crane is a better solution. It is much faster and can stack the shipping containers like other building elements. This saves companies time and labor.

Reel brakes 41 and 42

On container shore, there are two types of reel braking systems, magnetic and centrifugal.

The magnetic braking system is controlled by a dial on the palming sideplate, and the centrifugal system is controlled by four pins located inside the reel. Lew’s reels, for example, have half of the internal braking pins engaged out of the box.

Motor 10

Motor 10 for container shore is a compact, high-quality, low-vibration shore motor that is specifically designed to run in coastal applications. It is highly efficient and reliable. Its compact size and light weight make it the perfect choice for a variety of applications. Its vacuum seals also help prevent corrosion and oxidation.

The motor must be stored in its original container, but the packaging should be stored in a suitable location away from extreme temperatures and humidity.

It should be kept away from moisture, fungi, and insects to avoid oxidation and damage.

The motor should also be kept in a clean, well-ventilated, and dry place. It should also be stored in a clean, low-vibration environment, preferably with an isolation pad.

Ideally, shore power systems should provide years of trouble-free service. However, marine environments can wear out even the most durable products. Most problems with dock power systems are related to two common issues: overheating and saltwater immersion. Fortunately, these two issues are usually easily avoidable. Checking the packaging carefully before installing the motor is essential.

If the packaging is damaged, contact the manufacturer and request a replacement or repair.

Double rope reels 31 and 32

Double rope reels 31 and 32 for container-shore mooring are used to haul containers and other large objects.

They are controlled by the differential shaft brake 51 and 52, which are connected to the first and second differential shafts of the planetary differential reductor 20. These two vehicles control the four protruding rope reels 30 on the ground and sea sides of the vessel.

When installed correctly, these reels can move four 20-foot containers simultaneously. They can also move two 40-foot containers at the same time. This can make lifting four containers by a container crane much easier. The double rope reels 31 and 32 are available in a range of diameters.

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