This Guy Started Drilling Holes In His Wall And Created Every Gamers’ Dream Room

Imagine having a crisp clean gaming room with all of your consoles plugged in and the cables out of sight! This guy imagined that, then he made his imagination reality.

First he took all those hideous wires and cables and put them right inside the walls.

He will never have to see that mess when it’s hidden behind the drywall. But first the holes for all the outlets need to be accurately measured and cut.

Luckily this guy is good at math! They all fit almost perfectly.

It’s already starting to look much cleaner than that mess in your living room.

He routed the HDMI inputs from the TVs into the wall to keep things organized. Although the one is a little crooked, but that’s OK it still looks good.

And he did the same for the composite and component cables.

Everything is labeled and ready to go, a cable for every console including Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PS4, Genesis, NES, SNES, and Wii! And even an HDMI cable for the laptop.

The TVs are on swivel mounts so they can hide the tiny cable mess hanging out of the wall.

And Viola! The perfect gaming room, you can even play two different consoles at the same time with 2 different TVs!

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