This Guy Goes So Hard At The Club Impressing Ladies That He Poops Himself

Clubs are full of some weird characters, but a dude who dances so hard he poops himself is the craziest of them all.
If you’ve ever been to a club before I’m sure you went a little too hard. That’s life. The booze is flowing, the ladies look great and sometimes a song comes on that just makes you lose your sh&!#. In this case, that last part is a little too literal.
According to the Mirror, a friend of the man said:
“He was trying so hard to impress the opposite sex that he ended up dancing the crap out of himself. He had a bad stomach the night before we left. He wasn’t going to go but I forced him to come, so partly my fault.”
At the end of the day, he shouldn’t have been doing slut drops. But, at the same time, just hit the head before hitting the floor.

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