This 3D-Printed Destiny Gun Is Incredible. And It Actually Works!

If you’re even remotely into Destiny, you know how coveted the Thorn hand cannon is. It is deadly in PvP and amazing to use in the game in general. But, the problem is a lot of work must be done in order to obtain it.
Well, Kirby Downey has found the fastest way to obtain Thorn, a 3-D printer.
Downey may have the best gun replica we have seen this year. There is even an airsoft gun hidden inside. Downey describes the gun as follows:
“This is a Converted airsoft version of my thorn which I designed. It is made to be a simple shroud which encases an electric CYMA Glock 18C AEP airsoft pistol.
The model has space for 3x 5.3 mm Metal dowels. This improves the strength of the model and decreases the risk of it breaking if it gets knocked or dropped.
In order to access the batter the thorn has to be dismantled but the rest of the necessary components have ease of access.”

You can check out the Thorn replica being tested here:

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