These 10 Infographics about Movie Deaths Are Bloody Fantastic!

ince most popular movies are bloodbaths these days, we’ve grown more and more numb to on-screen violence. But, there is something that still excites us, that still gets our blood pumping and our heart pounding: cold, hard numbers. These infographics will answer all the questions you have about movie deaths and statistics and your own imminent mortality. 
(click on an image to view it larger)

1. Who has pretended to die a bunch?

2.  Can we know more about Sean Bean because we can’t get enough Sean Bean?

3. So, what movie has the most deaths?

4. Okay, but how quickly are these people dying?

5. Man, were movies always this death-y?

6. Alright, if I were in a movie and I wanted to survive, who should I avoid?

7. But what about 007?

8. Sure, but what about famous horror villains?


9. Let’s not forget about Quentin Tarantino.

10. Can we take a closer look at Django Unchained?

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