The Top 17 Times 3D Printers Were Awesome

When it printed this 3 year old boy an Iron Man hand:

When it printed this entire office building:

When it gave this dog some legs so he could play:

When NASA was able to email a wrench to space:

When doctors used it to rebuild a mans face after a motorcycle accident:

When doctors used it to rebuild a woman’s top half of her skull:

When a man used it to print a full, working kayak:

When it gave this girl an exoskeleton to be able to use her arms:

When a guy printed a guitar just for fun:

When this guy used 3d printed objects and blended them in with real objects:

When a man made a small jet engine:

When a group 3d printed a fully articulated and motorized spider (that dances!)

When it printed a living human ear:

When it printed food:

The time it was used to print this kid a set of windpipes:

When it made this spider dress that senses when someone comes near:

And this:

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