The School That Invented Card Counting Is Now Teaching You To Get Better At Poker For Free Online

We’ve all seen the poker movie where it all comes down to one hand for a guy to win millions and have that life changing moment. We think, “Man, that would be awesome!” Then suddenly you start thinking maybe you could play some online poker or hit up a casino and make some extra cash, only to realize that poke is really freakin rough.
The problem is that the game involves strategy that is complicated and variables that are hard to account for. But what if I told you you may be able to finally live the poker dream?
Well, that time has come. MIT the school that is not only known for their brilliant mathematicians, but also for taking millions from casinos is now offering free online classes in poker.
The classes are taught by finance graduate Kevin Desmond. This guy convinced MIT to allow him to have a class, because it somehow applies to investment management and trading. We aren’t totally sure that is legit, but it’s still pretty cool.
You can check out the first video in the lectures below. I’m sure even the best poker players could learn something.

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