The Gamer World Can Be A Beautiful Place. Even When You’re About To Die.

The game DayZ can be place filled with douchebaggery. There are always other gamers that can ruin your day, by blowing your brains out. But even the biggest douche has a soft spot.

After being taken hostage, this player is tied up, head covered and surrounded by players that want to try out their new guns on the basically dead already hostage.
His only chance at escape? A song. His captors request:
“If you want to survive, we just need you to sing us a song. Any song. If you don’t comply, we’ll execute you.”
For a moment there is just silence. The captures seem pretty much ready to end his suffering. Then we hear the prisoner say ”No, no, no, I’ve got one,” he replies. Then this happens:

Are you serious?!?! A guitar with a fitting rendition of “Hang Me, Oh Hang Me” by Dave Van Ronk. How can you execute that? Well, you can’t. You’re free to go my good man.

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