Sorry Stoners. No More Weed Smoking During Pro Video Game Tournaments

Are you a pro gamer who plays Counter-Strike or Starcraft II? Well, I hope you don’t enjoy partaking in smoking the green leafy substance known as marijuana. It was reported this week that ESL tournaments will no longer be allowed to smoke weed during tournament game play.
In a post on Reddit yesterday, ESL’s PR boss Anna Rozwandowicz explained that this new drug policy will follow the basic rules laid out by the World Anti-Doping Agency. The policy prohibits the use of marijuana on match days. If players want to smoke up in their free time no worries, but not on match days.
The issue of drugs in eSports has been a big issue lately. Last month, a professional Counter-Strike player alleged that he and many other players had been using the ADHD drug Adderall, which is also included in this new drug policy. The new rule requires that those who actually need Adderall, prove so with a doctors note.
Personally, I would guess weed would slow your reaction time, making it tough to actually compete as pro gamer, but what do I know.

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