Police Dog Named Judge Gets A Hero’s Tribute At His Final Vet Visit. Not For Those Who Cry Easily.

Police dogs are a critical part in keeping us safe. But even they, at some point, retire. But rarely do they get noticed. Judge however got the recognition he deserved. He is credited with entering the field over 280 times, he assisted the arrests of 152 people, the removal of three handguns from the streets, and helped bring in over $47,000 in illegal cash during his tenure.
But the 9-year old dog was diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. Medical bills piled up to over $10,000. The Woolwich Township allots only $300 for animal medical care. The police were able to use GoFundMe to raise $12,000 for the little hero in just one weekend.
The disease finally created a blockage in Judge’s liver that forced him to stop eating. There was nothing more that could be done. Upon arriving at the vet Judge’s handler Mike Frank said that he knew Judge was weak but ”he knew Judge would be able to walk into the hospital once he’d taken a bite grip on a training “sleeve.” This was like a toy, or reward, for Judge. Several K-9 cops smiled and remarked that they knew Judge would be strong enough to walk in.”
The department and vet technicians lined up for Judge during a hero’s procession.

Thanks for your service Judge! The World is a better place because of you.

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