Norway Has The World’s First Bike Escalator. And It’s Genius!

Bikes and hills just don’t go together. Unless you’re prepping to make a run at the Tour De France you really don’t want to be straining yourself trying to get up a hill. But some genius in Norway solved that problem. It’s called the CycloCable and it’s the first bike escalator.
Invented in the 90’s by a commuter who grew tired of showing up to work sweaty and exhausted, the Trampe lift, recently upgraded and reinvented as the CycloCable, has already carried over 200,000 bicyclists up this 150m-long cyclist deterrent. It’s quickly becoming a bit of a tourist attraction.
It’s pretty simple to use. Just put one foot on the platform and it will begin pushing you up hill at 5mph. Up to 5 people can be on it at once. People with scooters and strollers are using it as well.

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