New Report Shows Getting Wasted May Save Your Relationship

I’ve got some amazing news for you. If you love getting drunk, you may be able to have an amazing relationship.
A new study shows that couples who get bombed together, stay together. According to Dr. Gregory Homish, from the State University of New York at Buffalo, couples who drink in roughly the same quantities as their partner tend to be happier and stay together longer in their relationships. The report also showed similar patterns when it comes to tobacco use, but the results are much stronger for alcohol.
The report makes a lot of sense. Essentially someone who loves to get drunk, doesn’t match to well with anyone who is hanging out at church five times a week. Two alcoholics actually just make the perfect pair.
When two different people have different smoking and drinking habits they tend to be less happy.
So, if you’re relationship is struggling right now, maybe it’s just time for the two of you to get s&*! faced.

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