Meet Krampus, The Demon That Is Snatching Up Bad Children This Christmas

There are many wonderful traditions with Christmas. Mistletoe, Christmas lights, the angel on top of the tree and…Krampus. As if someone who sees you when you’re sleeping isn’t bad enough, now you have Krampus to fear. Krampus is a European tradition mainly in the Alpine countries. He is a demon that follows Santa around collecting those children that have been deemed “naughty” by Santa. He is basically the Anti-Santa, taking children away from their family forever.
Krampus is a big part of Christmas in the Alpine countries of Europe like Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Romania, and the Czech Republic. 

In parts of Europe Krampus has even been put on annual Christmas cards. Like in Germany a card might read “Gruss vom Krampus” (Greetings from the Krampus). 

According to the legend, Krampus is a demon who punishes bad children around the holidays. St. Nicholas (Santa Claus), brings presents to the good children. 

Krampus gets his own night in Europe, known as Krampus night.

Krampus night usually involves the night before Santa comes, where bad children get punished by Krampus with switches and rusty chains. Then when they have been punished he puts them in his sack and takes them to his lair. All aboard the Krampus train! 

On Krampus night, Krampus lovers dress up as Krampus or a devil related costume and go through the streets scaring people. Like a second Halloween.

Krampus day falls in the first week of December in Germany and most of eastern Europe. 

Merry Krampus Day!

It’s a real treat for the whole family!

The lesson to learn here is that if you want your kid to behave this year don’t threaten them with coal. Just let them know the a demon is on the way to torture them and then take them to his lair forever, where they will probably be eaten.

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