Let’s Follow Alcohol As It Is Processed Through Your Body

The first place alcohol goes when it enters your body is through your lips, down your throat, and into your stomach where is is absorbed by whatever you have eaten.


If you didn’t eat anything you will get drunk much faster because there is no food to slow down the digestion process of the alcohol. But you will still somehow have something to throw up later anyways.


then it travels through your intestines where it is distributed throughout your body via the bloodstream.


Ever wonder why getting drunk is sometimes referred to as getting “pissed?” You have? Well then you must not drink or you would realize how much you have to pee while drunk. Let me explain: Your body tries to get rid of the alcohol because it is technically a poison, so let the urine flow!


It also tries to leave the body is through your breath. That is why breathalyzers work. And why people can tell how drunk you are by smelling you.


The alcohol that is not passed through your body directly out the bladder is processed through the liver at about one drink per hour. So the faster you drink,  the drunker you get.


When the alcohol reaches your brain, it first affects the cerebral cortex which controls your behavior. This is when the party really starts! You become more talkative and blunt, you can get the urge to dance, and for some reason, you really like to wear hats.


Then it passes on to the hippocampus, the emotional part of your brain. Here is exaggerates your emotions. This is why you should never drink while you are sad, you might end up playing that one Fray song over and over again.


Fortunately, the hippocampus is also in charge of your memory, so you won’t remember all the weird and awkward things you do. Unfortunately, your less drunk friends will, and they will definitely tell you these tales.


After that, the alcohol will reach your cerebellum. That is when laying down seems like a good idea, because that’s when you loose your sense of balance. It’s also the time when you start slurring your words.


At this point you need to slow down on drinking alcohol and start drinking a lot of water. If the alcohol reaches the medulla, it could affect your basic motor functions, such as breathing. You WILL need medical attention.


Now you will know exactly what is happening to you while getting wasted this St. Patrick’s Day! So have fun!

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