I want to share some paintings by my favorite artist.

Missed Deadlines

Here are some of the works of my favorite artist, Cyril Rolando AKA AquaSixio

Tell me why the sky is red

His stuff is always whimsical and out of the ordinary.

Feral Strings

I find his works to be calming and peaceful.

We were Humans

Filled with a bit of irony,

It will come off with soap

and the sadness of humanity.

Cheese Players

Some artworks of his make me smile

Blowing bubbles

and fill me with wonderment.

Alien Invasion ? It’s a joke

Some are downright adorable!

Evanescent sunrise

This is my personal favorite

La fable de la girafe

And I though Imgur would especially like this one. :-3

WIP The Last Sound From Earth

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