How To Remove The Soap Opera Effect While Watching Movies



The Soap opera effect is actually a combination of two settings in your TV. Motion Plus and Colour Mode.

Motion Plus is actually called ‘Frame Interpolation’ it doubles the frame rate from 24fps to 48fps. This is intended to make films clearer and smoother to watch.
This is how you turn off Interpolation in most TVs:

It differs in every TV. Google your own TV brand and ‘interpolation’ to find instructions.

Interpolation (Motion Plus) isn’t ALWAYS bad and doesn’t always cause the soap opera effect. It depends on the TV and Movie
Here is an example of it working nicely in an appropriate movie on a good TV:

For appropriate movies you can customize the motion plus sub options: ‘Judder reduction’ and ‘Blur reduction’
Setting them low might work nicely for some newer films.

You should ALWAYS change the Picture mode to Cinema or Movie mode
This is to make sure the films colour is close to what the creator intended.

Interpolation usually causes the soap opera effect when a TV adds it to older movies (Especially scifi and fantasy)

The low frame rate and motion blur WAS concealing the low budget props, makeup, sets, older CGI and even sometimes poor acting.
Professional editors spend AGES color grading movies so they look just right for the screen. Soap opera ruins it

Some movies are now filmed in 48 fps. Professionals claim it is more natural and the future of all films
The most famous example so far was The hobbit which really divided the audience.

A lot of people complained that the make up, costumes, sets, CGI etc looked too noticeable and ruined their immersion.
The tech for 48fps is still evolving and will have to eventually be embraced by filmmakers and viewers.

Film makers will need to use better quality, makeup, costumes, sets, cgi integration and actor choreography during filming because ‘cinematic’ motion blur will no longer conceal their mistakes and low budgets.
In the mean time nobody can be told they are wrong for disliking it, especially when it’s done wrong.
If the interpolation is making a movie look bad on your TV turn it off or turn it down. PURGE THE SOAP OPERA EFFECT!

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