Hipsters Are Getting Out Of Control And Are Starting “Adult Preschools”

Something very odd is happening in Brooklyn. Apparently people are just giving up on being adults. Instead of putting $999 dollars into a 401k so that they can retire, they are giving it to two preschool teachers named Miss Joni and Miss CanCan, so they can go back to preschool.
The two ladies have backgrounds in early education and preschool teaching. Instead of using their skills to help actual preschoolers, they are allowing people over the age of 18 participants to attend a month-long adult preschool program called Preschool Mastermind, that helps you “re-learn the basics and experience the magic of life as it was originally intended.”

Men and Women are both allowed to attend but the class is only allowing 10 students per class. What’s scary is that I’m willing to bet that more than 10 will apply.

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