Here Are The Laws That Take Effect In The U.S. In 2015

Throughout the country:
Minimum wage is going up in 21 states and 5 cities.

For most states, that puts minimum-wage earners in the $9/hr+ bracket, however the rate is going all the way up to $11.05/hr in San Francisco.
In California:
Restaurants will now allow you to bring your dogs along when you dine.

Restaurants throughout the state can now wish your four-legged friend “bone-appetit” without fear of citation or legal backlash, provided the dog is well behaved, leashed, and is served (with you) on the restaurant patio.
Universities are now governed by an anti-rape law.

The “Yes Means Yes” consent law now requires an “affirmative consent standard” be set and communicated at all colleges and universities that receive state-subsidized financial aid.
In Illinois:
Schools are now required to investigate cyber-bulling inside and outside the classroom.

Increased previously from the laws preventing cyber-bullying occurring just inside the classroom.
Epilepsy and seizure disorders are added to the list of things medical marijuana can treat.

And, medical bud can now be used to treat any of those qualifying conditions in minors.
In Iowa:
They shut the party down for those under 21.

Iowa law now includes “consumption” with “possession and purchasing” of alcohol as punishable offenses if you’re not 21. This law also makes it a criminal offense to allow underage drinking to take place on your property.
In Massachusetts:
Residents can now buy their wine online.

And enjoy wine shipped direct from out-of-state. Previously, the law restricted residents from ordering wine from roughly 98% of the world’s wine producers.
In Michigan:
The state cracked down on your booze cruise.

The legal limit for boat operation while intoxicated dropped from 0.10, to 0.08 (the same as operating a car). This, by the way, is the difference between “mild reasoning impairment” drunk and “temporary erectile dysfunction” drunk (according to the BAC chart on Wikipedia).
Sales for cough medicines containing pseudoephedrine have been limited in an effort to curb meth production.

While not completely restricted (as it is in many states) Michigan now limits and controls the amount per-sale of pseudoephedrine in-state.
In New York:
You’re now required to recycle your e-waste.

Failure to bring all old electronics to a state collection site could result in a $100 fine.
Tiger selfies are BANNED.

The legislation prohibits taking photos with big cats of all kinds .
In Oregon:
Intoxicated teens receive amnesty when seeking medical attention.

Individuals under 21 seeking medical assistance for themselves and others will no longer be charged with possession (of alcohol).
Sellers of foreclosed homes are required to tell buyers if the home might have been used previously as a meth lab.

As the potential for lingering toxic residue is sure to affect the final sale price.
In Utah:
It is now illegal for cities and towns to ban specific dog breeds.

Believe it or not, this legislature will affect 10+ cities in Utah that previously banned certain breeds within their limits.
In Washington:
It’s now illegal to throw away food.

This new legislature in Seattle prohibits the disposal of pretty much anything that’s compostable, in any manner other than composting it. After two strikes, offenders will be fined.

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