Guy Spends A Week On Tinder As A Toilet And Got Over 200 Matches. Here’s How That Went.

I’ll preface this by saying: I had never used Tinder before this experiment and, frankly, I’m not sure I ever will again. Tis a scary place. 
First I set up my profile. I wanted it to be clear that I was actually a toilet.


Then I turned Oliet loose on the world, and in 24 hours had 100+ matches:


The immediate outpouring of love was humbling:


But of course, there was also good deal of this:



And yeah, sometimes it got extra weird:


*wink wonk*


Some of my matches were totally game to play along:


While others really struggled with the idea of a toilet on Tinder:




And while a few people were pretty stoked to be Tinder-ing a toilet:



Others were totally underwhelmed:


I did learn that people tend to be so much more than their profile descriptions.
34-DD, DTF, sometimes gets too drunk…


… and apparently really LOVES toilets.


And I also learned that with great power, comes great responsibility.
This poor girl will probably never look at a toilet the same way again:


I learned how incredibly lonely and sometimes unfortunate some people on Tinder can be:


And yes, by the end of the week, I even sort of wound up getting a date out of the whole thing:


In the end, Oliet had over 200 matches that stuck around… with a pretty even distribution of men and women (and surprisingly, I only encountered 8 bots).

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