Dad Eats Daughter’s Pot Brownies, Thinks He’s Having A Stroke

A 58 year-old Michigan man mistakenly thought he was in the middle of a stroke after eating several pot brownies his teenage daughter had apparently baked the previous night. Little did he know the sugary, sweet treats were laced with the psychoactive ingredient marijuana.
According to various sources including USA Today, deputies and firefighters responded to a 911 medical emergency call Wednesday at their Clarkston residence approximately 40 miles northwest of Detroit.
Following the arrival of law enforcement officials, the man’s unidentified 17 year-old daughter confessed to the authorities that she had made the pot brownies that had caused her father to think he was having a stroke. The Clarkston High School student also told the police she got the pot from a friend.
The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office announced Thursday that the as yet to be identified man was reportedly transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital in nearby Pontiac, Michigan. The remaining, unconsumed pot brownies were confiscated and sent to a lab for analysis. Authorities also stated that an investigation is currently underway.
As this goes to press the man has been released from the hospital but they had not determined if the man’s daughter would be charged. According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), although medical marijuana has been legal in the state of Michigan for the use of qualified patients since 2008, possession of pot by anyone else in any quantity remains a misdemeanor that can result to up to a full year of imprisonment and a fine of up to $2,000.
While 17 other states and the District of Columbia have already decriminalized marijuana possession, Michigan is not presently one of them. If nothing else, interested parties note that this incident has once again served as a reminder of what could potentially occur when an individual mistakes pot-laced edibles with regular food.
Mike McCabe of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office told the fifth estate: “Marijuana today is not your marijuana of the 1960s or ’70s. The THC level is multiple times more potent. Depending how much marijuana was baked into those brownies, it could lead to someone being violently ill. It could also lead to death.”
Dad Eats Daughter’s Pot Brownies, Thinks He’s Having Stroke

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