Attorney Drops 2-Ounce Bag Of Pot In Courtroom

In what sounds like a scene from “Better Call Saul”, a defense attorney named Vincent J. Fazzone, 46, was in a courtroom in New London, Connecticut on Tuesday, where he allegedly had pot fall out of his back pocket in front of marshals. Paralegal Holly McGregor said “When he got up with his client it fell out of his back pocket, after he was done with the judge, the marshal said when you’re done speaking with your client we need to talk to you.”
The baggie allegedly contained two ounces of a green, leafy plant-like substance believed to be marijuana, according to the Norwich Bulletin.
McGregor said he boss doesn’t actually smoke pot and that it came from a client. The client apparently took it from her child and Fazzone was going to speak to the child about the dangers of drugs.
Fazzone was ticket for possession and agreed to pay a $150 fine.

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