A Woman Got Pregnant 14 Times So She Could Avoid Jail

What would you do to avoid jail? A woman, known as Zeng, from Northwest China was sentenced to LIFE in prison ten years ago. That’s a really long time and there are many things you or I would do to avoid that. But would you get pregnant 14 times in 10 years?
Zeng was able to find a loophole hole they she exploited to the extreme. According to Chinese laws, the courts may allow pregnant women to receive probation before being sent to jail. Zeng explained to the courts she was pregnant and would then get an abortion in order to get pregnant again.
After ten long year the system finally caught up with her trick.
I can’t imagine it was worth it though. That’s a lot to put on your body. Wouldn’t prison just be simpler. I mean, Orange Is the New Black doesn’t seem so bad…

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