A Look At Oymyakon, The Coldest Village On Earth

Winter is a brutal time of year for those that don’t like the cold. Frost bite, blizzards and cars not starting are all annoying things we deal with. But I’m sure none of you have never had to deal with -58F temperatures on a daily basis.
That’s exactly what life is like for the coldest village in the world, Oymyakon. Oymyakon is a rural village located in Russia. And for some reason people actually live there.

Coal and coal plants are the only way to keep villagers warm.

Cars must stay in heated garages or be kept running all the time or they won’t restart.

There is only one shop in Oymyakon that provides everything the village needs.

Farmers pile cattle into small barns to keep them warm.

The cold ground prevents indoor plumbing.

This dog deals with -50c (-58F) days regularly.

Any warm air that escapes a house freezes into puffs of ice which form, fall and reform in the winter.

Even the village sign reads ‘Omyakon, The Pole Of Cold’

‘The Road of Bones’ – aka the highway built with Gulag labour, literally. Here, prisoners who died at work were interred into the fabric of Stalin’s Kolyma Highway. Without a rail link to the city, the highway is the only major land route into and out of Yakutsk.

In the background stands a frozen Lenin statue that stands over the square of the city.

Don’t expect and fruits or vegetables at the market. It’s too cold to grow them. Nothing but fish and meat.

Walking into a building is like walking out of a deep freezer. Nothing but a swirl of freezing mist.


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