A Chinese Man Pretended To Be A Cop And Even Turned His Apartment Into A Fake Police Station

In an elaborate con, a man who goes by inspector Lei posed as a Chinese police officer for at least 3 years. The man was discovered after his ex-girlfriend told police about his behavior. Lei and his girlfriend were going through a break up where Lei demanded money from his girlfriend after he claimed he had helped take care of her and spent 80,000 yuan (Around $12,877) in doing so. He threatened to release a sex tape of her if she didn’t do so. But the girlfriend claims her friends had told her that Lei was constantly flirting with them online.
The police raided his home to find a makeshift police headquarters, stocked with handcuffs, stun guns and even a siren for his car. It is believed he used his apartment as a fake interrogation room. “With his disguise he was very deceptive,” Tang Hui, a real police officer said.

So, why would he go to the trouble to construct an elaborate fake police station? Well, for money of course. For two years Lei sold fake Public Security Bureau documents and warrants.

China, you’re an odd place.

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