9 Oddly Specific Dating Sites That Really Exist

If you are looking for a partner with one of these specific qualities or interests you might want to sign p for one of these:
The Ugly Bug Ball

Not everybody is the prettiest princess or prince at the ball, I’m certainly not, but everybody can find love!
Fat Bastard Dating

Some people are overweight, and some people prefer to be overweight. Either way, here is a dating site for all you larger lovers out there.
Gluten Free Singles

It would be so much easier to cook dinner for the two of you if you both had the same allergies.
Sea Captain Date

I guess it’s not true what they say that a Sea Captain’s love is only of the sea…
420 Singles

If you’re just looking for a partner to chill with, you no longer have to awkwardly ask them if they are OK with cannabis.
Clown Dating

A relationship is no fun without a little bit of a sense of humor. But if you’re looking for a lot of humor, here ya go!
Date A Golfer

For people looking to score a hole in one

Herpes Fish

100 % secure dating site for people who have herpes. Saves you those awkward conversations when meeting someone new.
Equestrian Singles

No it’s not a site for people looking to date horses, just for people looking to ride off into the sunset together.

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