5 Ridiculous Food Crimes People Got Caught For

You hear about odd crimes all the time. It feels like everyday someone is getting taken down for some dumb mistake that lead to their arrest or an odd way they committed a crime. But if it wasn’t for these crimes we wouldn’t have a reason to watch the News.

A Michigan man allegedly told his friend he couldn’t have anymore pickles. His friend responded by throwing two large pickles and screaming “Here’s your damn pickles!” The pickle owner called the police. Then his friend hit him with the phone. The police finally showed up. Somehow the pickle-owner ended up with probation. Pretty messed up to argue about something like pickles when pizza is the only thing you should be yelling at each other about.

In Arkansas a man tried to rob a gas station. He didn’t use a knife or gun. Just his trusty hot dog tongs. Surprisingly the employee wasn’t intimidated and didn’t give up the cash. He called the police and the man was finally arrested after an awkward 15 minutes where the robber pinched the mans arm with the hot dog tongs.

In New Mexico a burglar enjoyed his last coke for a long time. When a couple returned home from vacation to find the house had been robbed they called police. The police saw that the man left behind a full toilet and an empty can of coke along with a note reading “sorry”. DNA evidence led the police right to the criminal.

At a Taco Bell a man pulled a BB gun on a manager when he discover that Taco Bell prices had gone up. He drove through the drive-thru and shot at the manager as he went by the window. He ended up paying a huge fine and spending a night in jail when he could have just paid ten cents more for a taco.

Police in St. Cloud, Minnesota arrested a drunk guy who broke into a Pizza Hut. He tried to fry some bonless wings, and in the process got marinara sauce all over the walls. I know the guy had a few too many drink, but how drunk do you have to be to break in to a place to make food yourself.
5 Ridiculous Food Crimes People Got Caught For

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