35 Of The Sexiest Pokemon Cosplay Photos Ever

1. Plusle and Minun by Kasea and Kristy

2. Delibird by HeatherCosplay

3. Oshawott by Jaycee Cosplay

4. Chansey (cosplayers unknown)

5. Gyrados by Hailey S Cosplay

6. Rayquaza by Kitsune Kid

7. Feraligatr by Zacloudseth

8. Scyther by TerminaCosplay

9. Marowak by Stargazer-Gemini

10. Lugia by Rising Moon Cosplay

11. Gardevoir by Mimi Legend

12. Magikarp by A Lost Cause Play

13. Flaaffy by Shion Cosplays

14. Stantler by Bella-hime

15. Beedrill by Vera Baby

16. Groudon by Bunny Paws Cosplay

Umbreon by Naimar Recuero

17. Bidoof by Rob of Spaceship Of Love

18. Meowth by KANA

19. Articuno by diana-ookami-chan

20. Jirachi by MangaFreak150

21. Charizard

22. Slowking

23. Houndoom

24. Blastoise

25. Umbreon

26. Shaymin by HeatherCosplay

27. Sylveon by Maho Cosplay

28. Zubat by EclecticManiac

29. Dugtrio

30. Pichu by Ireland Reid

31. Girafarig by Mokuyo Cosplay

32. Victreebell by PiggyNukka Cosplay

33. Raichu by RyuuLavitz

34. The Pokemon Men

35. Espeon by Midge Scully

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