35 Artists Who Made Star Wars EVEN BETTER

The Star Wars Universe is the home to epic heroes, fantastical worlds, and near-endless possibilities, but that still isn’t enough for these artists who have re-imagined these classic characters in styles and timelines you’ve never seen before.
If there’s a piece you truly enjoy we highly encourage you to click the artist’s name and see if offer prints or commissions.

1. strmtrpr by Reza-ilyasa

2. Modern Millenial Star Wars by Desiree “shorelle” Surjadi

3. Samurai Darth Vader by Clinton Felker

4. Star Wars Noir by Dean Reeves

5. Stormtrooper Family Life by Joel Erkkinen

6. Victorian Era Star Wars by Terry Fan

7. MechaWars by BossLogic

8. Manga-Style Slave Leia by Adam Warren


9. Monet’s Vader With Parasol by David Barton

10. Darth Villainess by James Zapata

11. Akira X The Force Awakens by Laurie Greasley

12. Admiral Ackbar’s Rhum by theory-of-everything

13. CGI Dark Side by Matteo Salvador

14. Star Wars Football Helmet Concepts by Brandon Hubschman

15. Plasticine Tatooine (Rubbish Characters) by Elliott Quince

Star Wars 80′s High School by Denis Medri





21. Lichtenstein Pop Art Amidala by Bergie81

22. Sharp Dressed Maul by Zarnala

23. Steampunk Leia Concept by Bjorn Hurri

24. Ukiyo-e Heroes by Takao Nakagawa

25. G-WOK by Beery Method

26. Star Wars – Aztec Version by Emmanuel Valtierra


27. Art Nouveau Mara Jade by Megan Lara

28. Greedo by Tim McDonagh

29. “I am your father” by erick mares

30. “Don’t Do It, Anakin!” by Bobby Rubio

31. Unexpected Hero by Christopher Stoll

32. Endor Tourism Poster by Ian Glaubinger

33. Hand-Painted Star Wars Portraits by hellofromhistory


34. Mona Amidala by Erik Maell

35. Darth Yoda by Nikonov Aleksandr

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