33 Windshield Notes That Completely Skipped Passive And Went Right To Aggressive

Still looking for a resolution?


Good thing he brought his X-ray machine along.

At least they got a free condom.

So that’s how it’s done.


Catchy tune.


Be afraid, be very afraid.


I guess they skipped that class.


Santa tells it like it is.


All of 12th street is pissed.


But the whole world hates this guy.


I would like to watch this monster trucking.


I need to buy some of these to hand out.


Why bad park you?


And maybe some of these too.


Jesus would not use such strong language.


Grumpy cat expects better parking.


So does Optimus Prime.


Don’t take anyone’s office space.


I wouldn’t park farther away for this crazy neighbor.


Thanks a lot jerk!


That might work.


This probably won’t work.


And this did work…at least this one time.


How nice of you.


That car has been through a lot.


What’s one more ding?


Driving a nice car can get you notes like this.


Thanks spidey.


Online curses really work.


Never ruin another person’s ice cream experience.


Less expensive and you get some free peanut butter.


Apparently it’s not that exclusive of a club.


Never anger the deadly Potato Clan!

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