32 Moments From The 90s To Walk You Down Memory Lane

Elementary school life in the 90s
1. Pretending mechanical pencils were syringes.

2. Two minutes of stress.

3. Hoping this was your dessert at lunchtime.

4. Sniffing these sweet smelling markers.

5. Getting frustrated at these when they tore and wouldn’t stay on your pencil anymore.

6. Everybody drawing these all over the place.

7. Testing out this myth.

8. Trying to push all four colors down at the same time.

9. Knowing it was going to be a good day when you saw this in your classroom!

10. Going on an adventure at these playgrounds.

11. Looking forward to rectangle pizza lunch day.

12. Learning to play your favorite songs on this.

13. Butt scooters!

14. “I’ll wait.”

15. 5318008.

16. Spending all of your allowance at the Scholastic book fair.

17. The best day of P.E.

18. Having marker battles.

19. Picking the candies off and eating them first.

20. Spending hours on this computer program.

21. Fighting intergalactic battles with math.

22. Vibrantly colorful computers:

23. Impromptu sword fights.

24. Carrying everything you need in one of these.

25. Interrupting class to sharpen your pencil loudly.

26. Stamping all over your hands with these.

27. The best flashcards ever.

28. Losing a tip from these and effectively rendering them useless.

29. The most effective way of learning math.

30. Sending secret notes to your friends.

31. Creating an artful masterpiece.

32. Hoping someone touches your thumb.

And the four most beautiful words in the English language: "Heads down, thumbs up."

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