32 Gangsters To Avoid Unless You Wanna Get Capped

This Gangsta family who has thankfully not tattooed their baby’s face

This straight up badass who’s heat doubles as swag

This homie rockin’ the duckface

This guy who proudly displays his gangsta status in ice

This Grandma who proves you’re never to old to live the thug life

This OG who pumps metal as well as bites it

This thug who values family tradition

This dawg who’s cat just ruined his street cred

This kid who will leave you with no faith for humanity

This dude who is too gangsta to even eat meat

This pimp who has mad photoshopped swag

This homie and his fierce protector

This shawty who put the “G” in Grandma

Any financially responsible homeslice who takes advantage of this offer

This peep who’s got some street cred… Sesame Street cred that is

This mad dawg too gangsta to let Hello Kitty ruin his vibe

This guy who likes to party like it’s 1995

This G who doesn’t belieb in following the law

This homeslice who’s packin’ (his diaper) with a lot of dough

This hottie who’s found out where to get all the best swag

These pimps who know how to safely fuck da police

Anybody who uses this app

This guy who’s pimpin a pineapple down in da hood

These thugs who are probably too cool for school

This guy who has mad cash

This dude hangin’ with his plush homies 

This chick who ain’t afraid of no po-po, at least not during the day

This straight-up G who won’t let a flesh wound mess up his game

This graffiti master who marks his territory at the local ‘Bucks

This homeslice who grows the chronic shit

This thug who is sporting his totally legit tattoos

This OG who loves his momma

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