30 Things We Do To Keep Us Young At Heart

1. Bubble baths

Don’t forget the rubber duckie!

2. Eat colorful sugary cereals

Trix are not just for kids.

3. Watch cartoons

It’s best to re-watch the cartoons from your childhood, you will get so many more of the jokes now.

4. Build things out of LEGOs

Just watch your step while the LEGOs are out.

5. Eat gummy fruit snacks

The chewiness is just so satisfying.

6. Pop bubble wrap

Who could resist?

7. Squirt gun/water balloon/snowball fights

Depending on the time of year of course.

8. Build blanket forts

A great place to hang out and watch those old cartoons!

9. Watch Disney movies

Nobody is too old for Disney movies.

10. Make sand castles

The best thing to do during your day at the beach.

11. Eat Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Indulge in delicious junk food.

12. Sleep with a stuffed animal

Your teddy bear is always there for you at the end of a long day

13. Play in arcades

Bring plenty of quarters.

14. Jump on trampolines

It’s just a freeing feeling.

15.  Wear onesie footie pajamas

If they’re good enough for Ellen and Ryan Gosling, they’re good enough for me.

16. Take naps

Sometimes a good snooze is just what you need.

17. Eat Goldfish crackers

“The snack, that smiles back…Goldfish!”

18. Put stickers on stuff

And you probably still spend the quarters at the machines to get them too.

19. Read Young Adult Fiction

They usually remind you of when you were younger.

20. Dress up for Halloween

It’s the only time when is is socially acceptable for an adult to wear a costume in public.

21. Pull practical jokes

As long as you keep it safe.

22. Pretend you’re a Jedi when you open an automatic door

May the force be with you!

23. Run up (or down) a dark staircase.

We never really loose our fear of the dark.

24. Eat a ton of candy.

Come on and splurge a little.

25. Enjoy a swivel chair

It’s so hard to resist the urge to spin in your chair at the office.

26. Blow bubbles

And, of course, popping them too.

27. Play on playgrounds

As an adult, you realize just how much of a workout a playground really is

28. Draw with sidewalk chalk

It doesn’t even matter if you suck at drawing.

29. Sing in the shower

With your scrub brush as the microphone.

30. Slide around in socks

Or rub your socks on carpet to give yourself a static charge!

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