30 Struggles Of Having A Unique Name


“Is that really your last name????? I thought you were joking?

— Zakary Gay (@ZakaryG3) July 20, 2015

When you see these in the store and you know your name will never be on one #GrowingUpWithMyName pic.twitter.com/Izsv6ci2PS
— Ebu (E-boo) (@ebuuchii) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName when someone actually spells/pronounces it right on the first try pic.twitter.com/zf38kbXSS3
— Chill Vibes (@ChilledVlbes) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName Knowing your name next on roll call when the sub make this face… pic.twitter.com/y6AXhYBjXq
— Edour Nguyen (@Edour_Nguyen) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName At least 5 Juan jokes a day… I hope I’m not the only juan going through this
— Juan Pinilla (@TheJuanAnd_Only) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName is ur dad called homer
— millie simpson (@millieesimpsonx) July 20, 2015

#growingupwithmyname meant never knowing what it felt like to have a Starbucks coffee that truly belonged to me.
— Garrhett Petrea (@GarrhettPetrea) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName being called Mike Wazowski
— Tyler Szalkowski (@tyszal) July 20, 2015

— Luigi Yotoko (@luigiyotoko) July 20, 2015


Yes, it’s Alex.
Not Alexander.
Not Alexandria.
Not Alexis.
Not Alexosaurus.

— Alex (@anagarih) July 20, 2015

Teacher : What’s your name?
Me : Tamuno West
Teacher : Are you related to kanye West ?
Me : pic.twitter.com/1DLdAhN1sH
— Detox (@Tammywest_) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName this is what I go through

— Regina Fernandez (@Reginaohna) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName don’t even need to say anything…
— Craig Dick (@Craigdick_1) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName it’s cos im worth it apparently
— Laurie-Elle (@lauriecabbin) July 20, 2015

“Hi Noah”
“How’s the ark comin’ along?”
My schedule’s too flooded.
— Klein (@noahpinnion) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName I think my name has always defined me pretty well

— Vic (@VictorFontes111) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName …… You spell it wrong
— Conor Richard (@Conor_Richard_) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName even my phone tries to tell me I’m spelling my name wrong

— Shelbi Ballew (@ballew_42_hike) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName everyone seems to have a problem.
— Houston Turley (@Houst33Turley) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName “Oh you’re Macy?! I’m JcPenny and this is Sears”

— Macy (@macymaurene) July 20, 2015

-So is Gus short for Gustav/Augusto/Augustus?
-No, August.
-wait like the month!? Were you born in August?
-No, April.
— /08/ (@GusMurfy) July 20, 2015

“Hi I’m Chris Chen”
“Hello Christian” #GrowingUpWithMyName
— Christopher Chen (@themightychen) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName I got asked a lot where knife and fork are at..

— T. Spoon (@NooPs_20) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName No I did not beat up Rihanna, no I cannot dance, and no I definitely can’t sing.
— Chris Brown (@chris_brown_8) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName “did you just call yourself pretty?”
— Preeti (@PreetoDorito) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName ill never forgive @SimonCowell for finding @zaynmalik and bringing him back on stage.
— Zain Malik (@zainmalik96) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName ay girl u need an inhaler?
— Asma (@shaikhitoff) July 20, 2015

#GrowingUpWithMyName “Caleb? More like… GAYLEB HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” ok that’s nice mom but I’m trying to eat my cereal in peace
— Cable (@Syrogate) July 20, 2015

atkin? like the atkin’s diet?

— αtkin (@atkindaoud) July 20, 2015


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