30 Decked Out Consoles That Are Sure To Give You A Nerdgasm

1. Classic NES-Inspired Nintendo 64 by Vadu Amka

2. Custom Kirby Anniversary NES by Zoki64

3. Wood-Paneled Playstation 4 by balolo

4. Kill Bill Gameboy Color by Thretris

5. Survival Horror Playstation by Vadu Amka

6. Original XBOX Millenium Falcon Major League Mods

7. Real Gold Plated Playstation 4 by Gatti Luxury

8. Real Gold Plated Xbox One by Gatti Luxury

9. Samba de Amigo Dreamcast by Oskunk

10. Mario Party N64 w/ Controllers by zoki64

11. Half-Life Dreamcast by Vadu Amka

12. Megaman X Edition Playstation by wolfshadow6

13. Nintentoasters by jaki33

14. Jurassic SNES by Michael Morales

15. Witcher III PS4 Case by jriquelmepy

16. Majora’s Mask Gameboy by Oskunk

17. Mega Man (w/light up panel) by Platinumfungi and Custom NES Guy

18.  Tron Legacy N64 by zoki64

19. The SNES PSP by K4Z1

20. Captain America Xbox 360 by Zachariah Perry

21. Donkey Kong GBA SP by Vadu Amka

22. Camp Crystal Lake NES by creativeboxgaming.com

23. Xenoblade Chronicles Wii by Oskunk

24. T-Pain’s Personal Steampunk PS3 by tgtstudios

25. Final Fantasy VII Midgar Playstation by Mako Mod

26. Sonic Edition Mega Drive by Vadu Amka

27. Steampunk Gameboy by Elise Siegwald

28. Totem N64 by reactor88

29. Wood Cut N64 by Mace-X

30. A Kate Upton Dreamcast by Custom Nes Guy


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