30 D-I-Whys From People Who Clearly Should Not Have “Done It Themselves”

Some things are just better left to the professionals.
This hot-water hack is downright brilliant… if you overlook the fact that fire and water are not really bff’s:


And nothing says “romantic adult-time” like speed-chilling your wine with freeze pops:


This guy’s strategy was to “just shove a flashlight in there and hope for the best”:


Then again, at least flashlight-guy tried:


Who needs a pool when you’ve got a tarp and a pickup truck?:


Or a spoiler, when you’ve got legos?


Heaven forbid this person hold their smartphone up while they’re sitting in bed:


Not when they’ve got all that duct tape just lying around.
Or replace that pot that clearly shattered:


This seems legit:


And while we’re being extra safe, why not manually override your break lights?:


Or power your own windshield wipers?:


I honestly couldn’t tell you what was going on in this picture… but I do know that the answer was not “I’ll just tape some pencils to it”:


Worst. Instructable. Ever.:


I get the funnel and the pipe, but why the wood base?
I *really* hope that this was designed to enhance the experience of brushing your teeth:


Apparently, a coat hanger and a little elbow grease makes a perfect replacement for a lost hood ornament:


And any old mirror works fine as an outside rear-view:


You don’t need some fancy schmancy “XBox Cooling Station” when you’ve got a plastic bag, a desk fan, and some tape:


Or a door handle, when you’ve got a fork and a rubber band:


And who needs a working stove when you’ve got a working iron and a boot…that’s pretty much the same thing, right?:


Holding your faucet on is pretty much why they invented hose clamps in the first place:


And they apparently only work if you use at least 3 of them.
And speaking of hoses, who knew that the common garden hose could be so remarkably versatile:



Or that TV power switches were so easy to replace?:


And a broken glove compartment is a buckle and glue away from being good-as-new. Sort of.:


No monitor stand? No problem!:


But did you really need a cup holder on your lawnmower?:


If only there were a better way to improve a chair, beyond simply replacing its legs with a milk crate:


Nailed it:


This, though. This is truly baffling.:


And finally, there’s this gem:


No, I’m betting it won’t make your morning ride feel “just like you’re playing Mario Kart.”

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