28 Genius Street Artists Who Make Great Use Of Their Surroundings

Face Of The City, Toronto, Canada


The Legend of Giants, Białystok, Poland


World Going Down The Drain, Spain


Calvin & Hobbes, France


Satellite Dishes, Birmingham, UK


Bruce Lee, Saint Etienne, France


Sluggo On The Street


UK Flags, London, UK


Pom Pom Girl


Spiderman, France




La Caravane Passe, France


Girl, George Town, Malaysia


Bird, Athens, Greece


Scream, France


Calvin & Hobbes, France


Seeder, Kaunas, Lithuania


Lost Eye, France


Bush, London, UK


Sideshow Bob, France


Sum Times


Ostrich, Rome, Italy


Bicycle, George Town, Malaysia


Shining, France


Hair, Fort De France, Martinique


Kenny, France


Glasses, Russia


The Straw

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