27 Teens That Need To Be Stopped

Every older generation says “kids these days” in reference to the generation younger than them destroying society. It’s been going on since the beginning of time. Older people think younger people are doing it all wrong and ruining the world. With the current generation it might be justified. When there are teens like this in the world, maybe it is time to start worrying about the downfall of planet Earth.  Here are 28 examples of teens that need to be stopped:
1. The kid who got tattooed to ask a girl to prom. 

2. These twins.

3. This emo kid who really loves Emma.

4. The boy who took the time to selfie numerous emotions. 

5. The girl who took multiple pictures before heading to hear “anuts” funeral. 

6. This teen who can’t control her bladder. 

7. The girl who loves Justin just a little too much.

8. Everyone in this selfie mob.

9. This kid. 

10. The girl who thought having this fake wedding was normal. And also her friends who showed up.

11. The girl who took pictures for a hospital trip. 

12. This bored girl.

13. The girl willing to get stuck in a drain for an iPhone.

14. The boy who thought this was a cool hair style.

15. The kid who used a #TransformationTuesday as a break up chance.

16. The couple who got a blanket made showing off their love.

17. Kids who smoke caffeine.

18. This girl that thought washing her hands was an event worth sharing.

19. Both of them.

20. The person who wrote this. 

21. Train selfie kid who got kicked in the face by the conductor. 

22. Pizza girl.

23. The girl who took a selfie instead of preventing blood loss. 

24. The kid who ruined his dogs life.

25. Another kid who peed their pants? Really? Add them to the list.

26. The kid who did this.

27. The kid who had sex with a Hot Pocket.

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