26 Pictures That Will Give You Hope For The Future

Why worry about the future when you’ve got…

1. Kids setting new and groundbreaking fashion trends:

2. Kids finally realizing the full potential of the selfie:

3. Brilliant (CORRECT) answers like this:

4. Plans like this coming to fruition:

5. Students of all backgrounds being given a chance, no matter the situation they’re in:

6. Some real important hands-on learning happening in classrooms:

7. Truly inspiring to see:

8. Kids unafraid to chase their dreams, no matter what the cost:

9. Kids making the best out of a difficult, difficult situation:

10. Kids willing to put in double the effort, every single day:

11. Future leaders like President Daniel and Vice President Cool Daniel on the horizon:

12. People like Keegan Large to bring us through dark times:

13. Kids enjoying and analyzing our finest pieces of literature:

14. And discovering the joys of mathematics:

15. Kids willing to go to great lengths to do what THEY believe is right:

16. Brilliant schemes to cancel plans going through like this:

17. Kids choosing to be safe in their personal lives:

18. Kids perfecting the long-con yearbook quote:

19. Foolproof ways to ace a test getting discovered:

20. Kids discovering the joys of fine art:


21. Spirit on par with nothing we have ever seen:

22. Such camaraderie between younger folks:

23. Our children being cared for so delicately:

24. And those most important to us being looked after with the utmost care:

25. Kids all over expressing themselves how they see fit:

26. I think everything is going to be just fine.

Here’s to the future generation.

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