26 Evil Geniuses Who Just Want To Watch The World Burn

After seeing all these, I’m convinced there is evil all around us.
The evil bastard that put this sticker on an airport wall.


Whoever left you this “slice” of pizza.


This clever klepto.


This kid.


The person who left some pie left for you.


And don’t worry because there is also ice cream left to go with all that pie.


The person who came up with this word search.


The architect responsible for this.


This vending machine refiller may be Satan.


The marshmallow taker.


The one-up rewarder.


The diabolical cat.


The parents that thought this was a funny present.


The person behind this setup.


Whoever came up with the invisible spider.


This alarm setter.


The homeowner that left the bottom step without carpet.

Whoever dreamt up this “game.”


This other bathroom prankster.


This person who would responsible for many breakups.


The candy mixer.


The guy who brings scissors to Disney World.


This documentary producer.


This insurance company.


The anti-piracy expert.


The homeowners that left this for the next people who replace the carpet.


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