26 Alternate Realities For Super Mario Bros

1. Super Smash Bros. Remixed by Andrew Domachowski

2. Princess Peach by masao

3. Princess Daisy by TheJayPhenrix

4. Mario Vs. Hulk by Eslam Aboshady

5. Inoki Toad by masao

6. Warp Pipe by Yema Yema

7. The Ballad of Ludwig von Koopa by Ronan Lynam

8. Super Mario Fantasy RPG by Anio Aniyama

9. Gurren Mario Bros. by Kasu

10. Grand Theft Mario by Amirul Hafiz

11. Mallo and Geno by GENZOMAN

12. Oh No! by Berk Ozturk

13. My Hero by Lam Nguyen

14. Smooth Criminal Luigi by anonymous

15. Princess and Metal by bellhenge

16. Mixed Mushroom Martial Arts by Yuri Saluceste

17. Psycho Mario by Miguel Quintero

18. Shadow Queen Peach by Nitorou

19. Super Mario Z by James Chung

20. Girls ‘N Guns by masao

21. The Evil King by Kudos No Tierra Studio

22. Princess Power by Noa

23. Mad Mario by Alex Hirsch

24. Super Mario by Chimochimo

25. Pulp Mario by Ástor Alexander

26. The Ultimate Videogame Hero by Pavel Pro

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