25 Perfect Vacations Spots Based On Your Favorite Movies

1. New Zealand – The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings!

If you’re a Tolkein nerd through and through, then the next trip you need to plan is to New Zealand where the movies were shot. Plus, you can actually visit the real Shire that they used in the films. Seriously.

2. Ta Phrom, Cambodia – Tomb Raider

You too can adventure like Lara Croft if you go to visit Ta Phrom in Cambodia. Not only are the views spectacular and the ruins impressive, but it also carries a rich history that you can learn about. And you can also recreate the events in Tomb Raider. Duh.

3. Atlanta, Georgia – The Hunger Games

The first Hunger Games film was shot in Atlanta, Georgia and now there’s a tour you can go on to see all the locations where the film was set. Just be sure to bring your knife and wave it just like Jennifer Lawrence is above. Actually, that’s really bad idea, don’t do that.

4. Cardiff, Wales – Doctor Who

Whovians around the world know that there are many, many locations that Doctor Who has shot in, but the studio that they film the majority of the show in is located in Cardiff. Oh, and you can tour the studio when they’re not filming. SO COOL.

5. Croatia/Malta – Game of Thrones

There are a lot of locations for Game of Thrones so this isn’t the first one you’ll see. But the Croatia locations are REALLY cool and there’s even a handy tour that will take you to all of them!

6. Skiathos, Greece – Mamma Mia

Just get 50 of your closest guy friends, fly off to Skiathos, Greece and then you can recreate this scene from Mamma Mia! Or, you know, just go and check out Greece for everything it is and relax on the beach. Just remember to remind yourself that Meryl Streep once stood on the beach that you’re on. Legendary.

7. Highclere Castle in Ripon, Yorkshire – Downton Abbey

The castle that’s used for Downton Abbey is one that you can actually go and see and tour. So, like, get on that shit. Then you can pretend you’re an aristocrat in the early 1900’s and talk in a posh British accent to your friends while pretending they’re “the help.”

8. Alnwick Castle, N’thumberland, England – Hogwarts in Harry Potter

This castle served as the inspiration for Hogwarts and just, like, why wouldn’t you want to go to Hogwarts? COME ON.

9. Heathman Hotel, Seattle, Washington – 50 Shades of Grey

Do YOU want to bite your lip and then get attacked by Christian Grey in a hotel elevator? Then the Heathman Hotel is the place to go!

10. West Bay, Dorset – Broadchurch

One of the reasons Broadchurch is so amazing is because it’s cinematography is incredible. Well, with one visit to where the show is filmed, you can see why. Look at those cliffs in the background! Just don’t fall off one…

11. Las Vegas, Nevada – The Hangover

I mean, a lot of movies are filmed in Vegas, so you can visit any of the places in any of those films. Plus, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so like do whatever you want. But just know that everyone will hear about it because NOTHING stays in Vegas.

12. Iceland – Game of Thrones

Another cool Game of Thrones location to visit is Iceland. Ya know, where they film the scenes ‘North of the Wall’ and all that. Plus there’s ANOTHER handy tour that can take you all those places. AWESOME.

13. Cambridge University, England – The Theory of Everything

Ever wanted to study where your hero Stephen Hawking did? Well, you probably can’t cause you’re not a genius like him, but you can totally visit the University where he lived and worked and studied and pretend you’re him minus the whole debilitating illness thing.

14. Norway – Frozen

The fictional land of Arandelle in Frozen was inspired by Norway. So, if you want to live out your Frozen fantasy, then take a trip to Norway. Literally any part of it, because it’s all beautiful.

15. Albuquerque, New Mexico – Breaking Bad

Want to take cook up some (fake) blue meth in the places that Walter White did? Then head on down to Albuquerque to live out your dream, like Walter White. Though, if your dream is to make meth like he did, then that’s pretty worrisome…

16. New York City – Sex & the City

Yes, there are A LOT of shows filmed in NYC, so you could travel to the city to see landmarks from any of them, but Sex & the City just may be one of the most famous shows shot there. So, get your Carrie Bradshaw on and wander those streets in your best Jimmy Choo‘s.

17. Baker Street, London, England – Sherlock

Another one where there are A LOT go things filmed there, but people love Sherlock because of Benderhump Cucumbershrink so, why not book a trip to London to glimpse the iconic road where Sherlock’s apartment is?

18. Paris, France – Inception

Yes, again, lots of things are filmed here, but wouldn’t it just be so cool to sit at that cafe and imagine everything blowing up around you a la Inception.

19. Atlanta, Georgia – The Walking Dead

Well, The Walking Dead isn’t filmed IN Atlanta, so much as in the towns and woods outside of it. So, go to Atlanta and then go travel into the wilds of Georgia to find the areas where they film the show.

20. Northern Ireland – Game of Thrones

The last Game of Thrones location on this list, Northern Ireland is where the studio that films the show is located. Plus they use locations around the area for certain scenes. So just bring your own dragon and you can totally recreate these scenes!

21. Salzberg, Austria – The Sound of Music

Are you a massive Julie Andrews fan? Who isn’t, am I right? Well if you want to live out your dream and twirl in a field like she once did in The Sound of Music then travel to Salzburg and twirl away, my friends.

22. Scotland – Brave

It is IMPERATIVE to your life that if you’re a curly-red-haired girl you must travel to Scotland at least once to ride on the back of a horse and shoot arrows at trees. I’m sorry. I don’t make the rules. I just tell it like it is.

23. Austin, Texas – Boyhood

The Oscar-winning film was shot all over Texas, but Richard Linklater shot a lot of the film in Austin. So, go like hipster out in Austin while being like ‘wow man, I hung out at the Boyhood locations in Austin, did you? WELL DID YOU?!”

24. The Grandhotel Pupp, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic – The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson‘s quirky film was inspired by this hotel, which is an actual real working hotel that you can stay at. However, I’m sure it’s less eccentric than portrayed in the movie, but it’s probably still pretty cool.

25. Vatican City, Italy – Angels & Demons

If you’re a fan of Dan Brown, Tom Hanks, or even just The Pope, then head on down to Vatican City where the grass is holy and the girls are all covered up because it’s a religious place.

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