25 People Who Are Way Better At Winter Than You

1. These people who know that any car can be a snowmobile if you want it to be


2. These girls who are on the most badass commute ever

3. These innovators who use all available resources for revenge


4. This gal who is hoping to hit a birdie (or an abominable snowman)


5. This woman who knows that a selfie is worth the frozen cheeks


6. These guys who keep their poker faces even when their teeth chatter

7. Whoever is coming to this party

8. This luchador taking the Polar Plunge


9. This sushi chef if you’ll help him out


10. This guy who is DEFINITELY in Gryffindor

11. These two who had to make a pit stop on the way to The Nutcracker


12. These bros who have gone fishin’


13. This kid who knows how to get a job done in any weather


14. These hardcore sugar plum fairies


15. The person who ends up driving this car (maybe James Bond?)


16. The driver and passengers of this school bus

But on a sadder note, no more snow days, kids.
17. This king of the north who will likely outlast us all.


18. This probably-Norwegian lifeguard


19. This guy who… wait. Is that the same crazy Norwegian dude?

20. These awesome people who build an UNDERGROUND IGLOO with a HOT TUB

21. This guy who forgot about the “hot” part of “hot tub”

22. This dog who enjoys how the tables have turned


23. This guy taking a nice refreshing dip in a frozen lake


24. This storm trooper who is taking his demotion surprisingly well


25. This guy who is apparently going surfing in this madness.

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