25 Most Disrespectful Things You Can Do To Your Sever

1. Leave them a sarcastic or insulting “tip”


2. Snap your fingers to get their attention.


3. Complain about your food after you’ve finished eating it.


4. Tap them on the shoulder while they’re helping other customers.


5. Hang out for an extra three hours after you’ve paid your bill

6. Come in five minutes before the restaurant closes.


7. Make so many substitutions that the original item you ordered is unrecognizable.


8. Yell at them when your food is taking too long.


9. Stay glued to your phone instead of deciding what you want to eat.

10. Claim to know the owner and expect free food as a result.


11. Let your kid run around.


12. Use your personal beliefs as an excuse for not tipping.


13. Let your kids make the table look like a war zone.


14. Push your chair out really far so that no one can get past you.


15. Complain about your seats during a rush when there is clearly no other place for the staff to seat you.


16. Pretend like you’re leaving a tip, but actually nah.


17. Interrupt their introduction by stating your drink order.


18. Make no effort to move your phone when they’re serving your food.


19. Call them over while you are still deciding what to order.


20. Give them a ‘verbal tip,’ but not a monetary one.


21. Make them get you one thing every time they come to your table instead of asking for them all at once.


22. Assume that they know you’re in a rush without saying a word to them.


23. Make no effort to move your body when they’re clearing or setting plates.


24. Try to make a political statement instead of leaving a tip.


25. Treat them like anything except what they are: a hard-working person trying to make an honest living.

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