25 Mistakes Everyone Should Stop Making After They Turn 25

Get it all out of your system before you get too old for this shit!
1. Get wasted on a Tuesday

Enjoy the opportunity while you’re young, because after you’ve been out in the work force for a while, you are going to be way to exhausted to party on a weeknight.
2. Hang out with that one friend you don’t always like

Once you mature into your adult life, it is not a good idea to keep somebody that you don’t always get along with around. You will be too tired for that kind of drama.
3. Spend all your money on things you “want”

Eventually you will realize that all those designer clothes don’t look good in the dark when you skip out on your electric bill. And that those fancy electronics don’t work without power.
4. Embarrass your family

Getting drunk at a family gathering may be cute when you’re young, but once you reach a certain age, the rest of your family will give up the “boys will be boys” attitude about you. (or girls will be girls)
 5. Waste time with go nowhere relationships

Everyone enjoys flings while they’re young and crazy. But eventually all of your friends are going to end up married and you will be left alone.
6. Spend time in a jail cell or hospital room

Once you are settled into a career, they will not tolerate you constantly taking days off for legality issues.
7. Get rejected

You will get the hang of knowing when somebody is about to fuck you over.
8. Reject someone else

If you feel like a relationship is not going to work out, end it before somebody gets hurt.
9. Get yourself fired

When you get yourself a promising career, do not do anything to fuck it up… DO NOT!
10. Have your parents take care of you while you’re hungover

They spent your entire life preparing you for life on your own, give them a break!
 11. Fall for a scam

It would be nice not to ever fall for a scam. But it is especially humiliating when you are older and supposedly wiser. You should know better by then.
12. Wait in line at a club for hours only to get kicked out

And if you do, don’t be an ass and get your friends kicked out too.
13. Go on a fad diet

If the first 100 fad diets didn’t work, none of them will.
14. Misplace your phone or wallet

loosing your phone when you’re expecting important work e-mails or your wallet when it’s your turn to pay for lunch just makes you appear irresponsible.
15. Get a really unique or bad hair cut

It just looks silly.
16. Accept a job just for the pay

It is not worth being miserable just to fatten up your wallet.
17. Forget your debit card at the bar

If you do, you better call and have it deactivated immediately lest you want some unexplained charges on your next statement.
18. Follow what’s “in”

Don’t constantly change your style, fads are not cool.
19. Stay in the cheapest hotel available to you

Once you go four star you’ll never go back.
20. Shoplift

This kind of wrong choice will just lead you back to #6.
21. Tell off your boss

Unless you want to get fired; Do you really want to get fired?
22. Try anything once

Not everything is worth trying.
23. Have a pregnancy scare

You won’t be able to handle that kind of stress after 25.
24. Wake up in random places

This is just unacceptable after college, and a bit scary as well.
25. Spend your savings on an extravagant vacation

This is something you should do before you turn 25, after all, you have to have some fun before you get old! But as an adult, you will not be happy with an empty savings.

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