25 Masters Of League Of Legends Cosplay

Master Yi by Minus10GradCelsius

Reverse Tibbers (cosplayer unknown)

Koi Nami by Néréide Cosplay

Jayce by Jasper Sardonicus

Tryndamere by PortgasDAceXX

Arcade Sona by Natalie Steen

Blast Zone Heimerdinger by Twinzik Cosplay

Astronaut Teemo by (cosplayer unknown)

Unmasked Kayle by 9Lives Cosplay

Yasuo by Yoshplay

Darkflame Shyvana by Galuren

Thresh by Sköll Cosplay

Wukong by (unknown cosplayer)

Gladiator Draven and Jinx by Leon Chiro Cosplay and Miss Hatred

Vindicator Vayne by Minus10GradCelsius

Sandstorm Katarina by Nadyasonika

Victory Vi by Shinju’s Workshop


Lion Dance Kog’Maw by LeFreaks

Ziggs by (cosplayer unknown)

Fiddlesticks by 4 itchy Tasty! cosplay

Blitzcrank by d-slim

Zyra by DanielleBeaulieu

“Festive” Maokai by VDR Cosplay

Leopard Nidalee by Calssara Cosplay

Annie and Tibbers by Titanesque Cosplay

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