25 Awkward Moments That Everybody Experiences

That moment when you can’t hear what someone has said to you and you’ve already said “What?” twice.

Straight up mishearing someone and realizing your response made no sense.

Accidentally making eye contact with someone from a bathroom stall.

Making eye contact with someone trying to get on your elevator right as the doors are closing.

Tripping over nothing.

Pushing on a pull door.

Trying to talk to a coworker who’s wearing headphones and then either scaring them or just slowly backing away.

When someone witnesses that failed interaction.

Writing out the subject line of an email.

Knocking on a bathroom door and finding out it’s occupied.

Arriving anywhere too early.

Interacting with anyone under the age of 18.

Failed high-fives.

When the seat you’re sitting on makes a noise that sounds like it could’ve been a fart.


When your crush says literally anything to you.


Meeting anyone for the first time.

Putting your money back in your wallet after you pay for something.

Trying to figure out if you’re supposed to tip someone.

Knowing you’re about to say hi to someone who greets with a cheek kiss.

Running into someone whose name you’ve forgotten.


Accidentally liking an Instagram photo of an acquaintance.


Sending a text and realizing you wrote “abou tit” instead of “about it.”

Getting a phone call.

Having to leave a voice mail.


Apologizing for any of these instances and making the situation exponentially more awkward.

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