24 Pets Who Are Not Happy About Going To The Vet

This dog is very suspicious about this car ride…

This dog knows where he’s going!

This dog needs to be held.

This dog is not excepting bribes.

This cat needs a shoulder to cry on.

This dog thinks he found the perfect hiding spot.

This dog just needs you to hold his paw for support.

This cat is hiding behind the computer instead of sitting on the keyboard.

This cat has an awful sinking feeling…

This cat needs a hand.

This cat is trying to stay out of reach.

This hedgehog is just encased in emotions.

This cat might be looking for a self defense weapon…

This cat seems to have found an escape route!

This cat is hoping they don’t need to open this drawer.

This would rather stand in the corner.

This cat is trying to disguise himself as trash.

This cat wishes he could scrunch himself further into the corner.

This dog has just given up…

This cat was caught.

This cat is trying to escape.

This dog has mastered the art of “puppy dog eyes.”

And this dog is so relieved to be done with it all and on his way home!!

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